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Meet The Owners  |  Pet Sitters and Software Developers

We started a Pet Care Business with just a few names and numbers and grew it to a Six-Figure Company. It was definitely our passion and had to sometimes remind ourselves that this was our "job". It was the perfect blend of meeting new people clients 10% and caring for pet clients 90% each and everyday! Earning the paycheck honestly felt like a bonus. We know all too well, the KEY TO SUCCESS in this Industry is ALL IN THE DETAILS! and that's why we developed pet sitting and pet care business software from the inside out!

Our Client Strategy

We help our clients achieve and retain
the greatest possible success through
pet care business education

Beyond The Box

We strongly believe in delivering innovative marketing strategies to your pet care business.

"Working In The Pet Care Industry, My Paycheck Is Simply A Bonus!"

Forward Thinking

Our coach consultants are leading

experts in the pet care industry.

Sensible Solutions

We developed pet sitting software that manages all aspects of your business.

Pet Sitting Software Designed By Pet Sitters   |   For Your Pet Sitting and Pet Care Company

You Pamper Pets. We Pamper Your Pet Sitting Business.

"This Pet Sitting Software Is So Easy To Use, My Dog Could Learn How To Use It!"

- S. Ralliy, P.C.S. WA

"If You Can Throw A

Tennis Ball, You Can

Learn & Operate This

Pet Sitting Software!"

- M. Seserko, P.C.S. PA

"Would you want to learn how to build a house by someone that can write code for a blueprint? Or by someone that builds houses everyday? When choosing my pet sitting software, My vote is a hands-on pet sitter that personally built a six-figure business!" 

- R. King, P.S.C. CO 

"This Is The Best Pet Sitting Software!

I've tried and been disappointed by many others. Paw Academy is the Leader of the Pack! Why?

They Have A True Love For Pets!"

- A. Anderson, P.S.C. NC