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"Happy Pups = Happy People"

Thank you for this opportunity to share our story with you…

In May, 2009, We moved to Celebration, FL from Pittsburgh, PA with about 3 months’ rent in our pocket. We didn’t have jobs lined up, just excitement for a new beginning and a great work ethic to know we would make it happen…and we did!

In just 4 short years, we’ve took a simple (yet fun) idea, that anyone with a love & passion for pets can do, and turned it into a Six Figure Business + it’s so rewarding!

And yes, here comes our minute of fame…In January, 2012, we received a very important phone call from WALT DISNEY’s Prestigious New Residential Community and were able to offer our services to their Residence & Pets!


We feel very blessed to be in the Pet Care and Training Industry. People love their fur-kids and each year they are treated more and more like family members because of the unconditional love they give!

During Covid-19, we like so many others pivoted and became web-based and offered Instant Downloads for Clients To Start Training Their Pups In Their Own Homes and It Was A Huge Success!


We Love Hearing Each and Every Story and Journey From New Puppies or Mis-Behaved Dogs - To Becoming Very Well Behaved Pups! 

We have reached our Personal & Financial Goals of Phase 1 for our Company and are now Ready To Help Others Grow Across All 50 States and Beyond!

We are excited to see People follow in our footsteps & become just as, if not…even more successful!

“Before you are a Leader, success is all about growing yourself.  When you become a Leader, success is all about growing others”  --Jack Welch



One of our Company’s Motto’s is: "Teach a person to properly care for and train a pet & they can earn a paycheck...Teach a person to operate a Pet Care Training Business...Their Possibilities are Endless!"

We have the proven knowledge, experience and quadrupled growth rate and now our New Path to Success is to Teach and Lead People with a Passion for Pets to Huge Success of Their Own…through our 4 Company’s offerings:

EDUCATION & TRAINING : On how to Start, Grow and Run a Full Time, Profitable Pet Care and Puppy Training and Dog Training Business and How to Have Your Business Work For You!

BUSINESS COACHING : For Any and All Stages of Pet Care and Puppy Training and Dog Training Business’s. From knowledge, hands on experience and our success story to quick tips & trade secrets. We are excited to see others follow in our footsteps and become just as, if not even more successful!

BUSINESS BUILDERS & MARKETING : We provide, from our experience, Marketing Tools to help grow Pet Care Providers Individual Business’ and their Brands with Custom Business Cards, Pens, Contracts & Professional Forms, New Client Packages, Magnets, T-Shirts and Polo’s (Which are so important for 1st Impressions!) Key Safes, Toys & Client Rewards

SOFTWARE & TECHNOLOGY : This is The Most Important Piece of Any Pet Care Business Success Puzzle! Make Sure You Have a Software that does all of the work and It's 100% Custom to Your Business, making You Look 100% Professional, keeping track of all Pet & People Client details, pictures, medications & keys (just to name a few) ​​

Your Organization and Dedication to your Clients and Staff will be rewarded,

Both Professionally & Financially! When Your Pet Care Business + Puppy and Dog Training Powered by Paw Academy = SWEET SUCCESS!

Thank you for your time, Cheers to Hard Work & Success!  Melissa & August  |  |

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