Meet The Owners  |  "Once We Reached Our Six-Figure Success, We Wanted To Help Others!"

We started a Pet Sitting Business with just a few names and numbers and grew it to a Six-Figure Company. It was definitely our passion and we had to sometimes remind ourselves that this was our "job"! It's a perfect blend of staying active, meeting new people plus caring for and playing with pet clients each and everyday!

We walked in your shoes and learned along the way that the KEY TO SUCCESS in this Industry is ALL IN THE DETAILS! and that's why we developed pet sitting software and an interactive schedule to help grow our business and now offer it to you and your business. Our goal is to help you enjoy the same six-figure success!  Read More...

Ready, Set Go! This is the complete package for the True Pet Entrepreneur who wants to make

a change TODAY! Follow Your Passion -- Dive in, learn our Business Systems, Become C.E.O.

of your own Pet Sitting Business and be in the fast lane to making money doing what you Love!          

Learn at Your Own Pace  -  Complete All Lessons  -  Become a Certified Pet Care Specialist  -  Start Your Pet Sitting Business!

Upon purchase, your Personalized Education Binder will be delivered through the mail and you will have a full 6 month's to earn your P.C.S. Certification.

As a Pet Care Specialist; You will attend Meet & Greet’s with New Clients to introduce yourself, meet the people & interact with the Pets. You will discuss the Professional Services you provide that will meet their Client Customized In-Home Pet Care requests and schedule visits based on their work / travel plans. 

You create a personalized folder for them which includes Your Company's Customized Client and Pet Care worksheets explaining everything from their pets feeding and walking schedules to any medications, allergies and special specific needs that their fur-kid(s) may have and a Vet Form. You also gather household details and set up a secure key system. 

​Your tasks will then include daily Pet Care Visits. You will be caring for your Client's Fur-Kids in their own home surroundings where they are most comfortable, the least stressed and will be able to remain on their normal feeding / walking schedules & daily routines. Which is Key To Their Happiness! 

On each Pet Care Visit, You give all pets the proper amount of food ~ Take them for walks (according to their normal schedule) ~ Provide "playtime" and TLC with each pet ~ Give treats (if allowed) ~ Administer medications if needed ~ Clean up any accidents that may occur ~ Make certain pets are in proper places and Perform any requested household tasks, such as lights, blinds, gathering mail, etc. 

We’ve worked very hard to build, not only a Company, but a Household BRAND, that people have grown to love and trust! A network that is quoted as: "Paw Academy Pet Professionals & Affiliates, Products and Services are tested / approved and labeled the best in the business!" 

​Paw Academy, Inc. Pampers your Pet Care Company by offering education, tools, marketing and technology for every stage of your Business, if your just beginning, We do all of the start up work for you! You literally get handed 100% of all tools, techniques, business operation forms, procedures and trade secrets of our company’s success to get your business off the ground running! It can be overwhelming and you don't want to spend all of your time trying to set-up, create / manage a website & constantly be in the rat-race of building a business with no education or guidance. We're here to help!

Become A Paw Academy Pet Care Specialist And Enjoy 

A Fun Career In The Wonderful World Of Pet Sitting!

Earn your Professional Pet Care Specialist Certification to achieve your

greatest possible success as you start your own six-figure pet sitting business.

        True Pet Entrepreneurs, Get Ready & Go! Complete Pet Sitting Business System        

Six-Figure Pet Sitters

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"Teach a person to properly care for a pet and they can earn a paycheck.

Teach a person to operate a Pet Care Business and Their Possibilities are Endless!"

"Teach a person to properly care for a pet and they can earn a paycheck. Teach a person to operate a Pet Care Business and Their Possibilities are Endless!"

- M.A.Carnahan, Owner & Founder, Paw Academy, Inc. and Six-Figure Pet Sitter

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